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AuteurStefanie Schellwies
TitelThe postmodern conscientious women
BegeleiderBrigitte Schriks, Constantin von Maltzahn
UitgeverHogeschool van Amsterdam
DomeinMedia, Creatie en Informatie
OpleidingAmsterdam Fashion Institute
TrefwoordeniFM, marktonderzoek (vorm), consumentengedrag, vrouwen, winkelen, corporate communication, kledingdetailhandel, concepten
“This thesis analyses the trend of the changing attitude of women towards fashion and shopping and provides specific guidelines for the future implementation of the trend into the retail marketing mix of a female fashion brand/store. The project is a trend‐orientated concept for a fashion store aimed at a new female consumer group.”

What influence does the changing role of women in society have on the implementation of the retail marketing mix? – SUB QUESTIONS: 1. What are significant changes, trends and developments in the last 10 years when it comes to gender roles in lifestyle and fashion? – 2. Is there a target group especially influenced by changing gender roles? – 3. Where are the differences and similarities of shopping experiences and shopping behavior between men and women? – 4. What aspects of the Retail Marketing Mix are significantly different by gender?
Soort documentScriptie [bachelor]
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