Next to the Quick Search option on the homepage, it is also possible to run an Advanced search. In order to do this you combine search terms and limit your search by using a number of search filters, such as theses from your own programme.

Search by search terms:

You can search by exact word or by a phrase of consecutive words. For example: typing research and policy in the same search box will literally run a search by "research and policy". In order to find records where both research and policy are mentioned, fill in research in the top search box, choose "and" from the right menu box and fill in policy in the following search box.

Punctuation marks:

Punctuation marks are regarded as interspaces by the system.

Capital letters:

No distinction is made between capital letters and lower-case letters.


Choose a title from the list of results in order to get a full summary of the document, including all metadata and an abstract of the content. Click "Download paper" to obtain access to the full document.


A search by author is run by the form "author’s name, initial", to be followed by an infix if preferred (a regular feature of Dutch last names). Use dots between several initials. Using "Benthem, J." will yield results by "prof. Johan van Benthem", "J.J. van Benthem" but also by "Benthem, J.F.A.K. van".